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Android Videos Application Now Works With Non-Honeycomb Devices


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Google’s Videos application, which allows Android users to rent videos, is now available to non-Honeycomb devices.  Read on for details.

Google Videos

Google has a movie rental service that started out being aimed at Honeycomb devices.  It was recently updated and will run on devices sporting Android 2.2 and up, like the 2.3.3 version on my Verizon Droid2.  Here is how Google describes the application:

Official video player for Android Market movie rentals.

Official player for the movies you rent from Android Market. Select from thousands of movie titles in Android Market and begin watching instantly — no wires, no syncing, no hassle! Make your movie rentals available for offline use on your supported Android device so you can watch even when you’re not connected.

Also get quick access to your personal video collection, including those you’ve taken yourself using your phone or tablet camera.

The application was updated on September 21, 2011, and this is the change log:

What’s in this version:

  1. ability to +1 a movie
  2. improved playback performance while streaming
  3. on phones: access to an HQ stream
  4. bugfixes

Rentals are $3.99 for new releases and are good for 30 days; you have 24 hours to watch after beginning to watch the movie.  Here are the offerings at the top of the New Releases per the application’s website this morning:


Andrew flagged me about this application on Friday, so I downloaded it and will be taking it for a spin.  Look out for that review.

One thing to note from customer reviews: this won’t work if you have rooted your Android phone, probably due to DRM issues.

Good news for those Android users in the UK: The Telegraph ran a story on October 21st that this service is now available to you too!

If you are sporting Android 2.2 or above, download it and check it out.  The download is free!

Google Videos on Android Market Telegraph Article
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