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Two Minute Review – The Gorillapod Focus from JOBY


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It’s time for another one of our Two Minute Reviews. This time its the Gorillapod Focus from JOBY.

UWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBY

The Gorillapod Focus is more than just a stand for your camera. Its a stand that you can position into infinite poses on pretty much any surface!

Flexible, wrappable legs allow you to secure equipment weighing up to 5kg (11 lbs) to virtually any surface, enabling you to capture shots you never could before.

Who are JOBY?

From their website:

JOBY creates well-designed, revolutionary products that inspire the creative and active lifestyle.

JOBY is a young, high-growth company that revolutionized the camera accessories market in early 2006 with its GorillaPod line of flexible tripods and continues to redefine the consumer electronics market with its GorillaMobile and GorillaTorch product lines. The brand has a strong and loyal following of consumers who are passionate about both innovative design and functional performance. Founded in 2005, JOBY is a privately-held company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Santa Cruz, CA; Geneva, Switzerland; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore and Shenzhen, China.


Designed for :

  • Professional camera rigs with large zoom lenses
  • Professional video cameras

Materials :


  • Machined aluminum with an anodized gunmetal finish
  • High quality Japanese ABS plastic
  • Durable German TPE grip rings

Camera screw:

  • Stainless steel

Product Dimensions: 29×9.2×9.2cm (11.4×3.6×3.6″)

Holds up to: 5kg (11 lbs)

Product Weight: 500g (1.1 lbs)

Connection: Permanent universal 1/4″ tripod screw and 3/8″ adapter screw

Price : £89.95

What’s in the Box?

The box contains the Gorillapod Focus and an instruction manual.

UWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBYUWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBYUWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBY

A Closer Look

UWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBYUWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBY

You can position them in many different ways very simply.

UWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBY

Rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain.

Machined aluminium sockets and high quality injection molded thermoplastic ensure snug joints that stay firm after lots of action.

Using the Gorillapod Focus

After fitting your camera to the top of the Focus (which was just a case of screwing it in place), you then just position the legs into whatever position you want to use it in. They can easily bend into a variety of positions.

UWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBYUWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBY

You can even wrap them around objects and they hold the Focus into position firmly and securely. Here you can see my DSLR attached to the side of a table leg!

UWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBY

Final Thoughts

The Gorillapod Focus is very simple to use, and it can be positioned in many, many different ways and on a variety of surfaces (even and uneven).

I found it very easy to use and it took very little effort to get it into position, whether that was using in on my desk, wrapping it around my desk or hanging it from a curtain rail.

It felt very secure and I wasn’t concerned for a moment that it would drop! I have tried other stand / tripods before and only really had success with the larger ones, which are not great if you have to carry them around with you – where as the Focus is fairly small and can easily be carried around in a bag, along with your camera!

If you have a need to use your DSLR in such a way then you should seriously take a look at this, you won’t be disappointed.

The price isn’t cheap at £89.95, but it is certainly worth it. It’s a welcome addition to my camera bag!

The Gorillapod Focus is available now from the JOBY website.

UWHS Review - The Gorillapod Focus from JOBY

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