Today saw the launch of the new Apple iPhone 4S. And here is our unboxing.

UWHS - iPhone 4S - 3

The box is the usual Apple iPhone box.

UWHS - iPhone 4S - 1

UWHS - iPhone 4S - 2

And the contents are the usual – the iPhone, a set of earphones, a cable, and manual and a plug.

UWHS - iPhone 4S - 4

A Closer Look

UWHS - iPhone 4S - 8UWHS - iPhone 4S - 9

UWHS - iPhone 4S - 10UWHS - iPhone 4S - 11UWHS - iPhone 4S - 12UWHS - iPhone 4S - 13

Comparing the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4

The phones are the same size, and feel roughly the same weight.

The mute button on the 4S is slightly lower than the 4, which might cause some issues with certain cases, so if you are upgrading you might want to check your current case out!

UWHS - iPhone 4S - 5UWHS - iPhone 4S - 6UWHS - iPhone 4S - 7

Right, I’m off to fire the 4S up and give her a test! More soon….