Star Wars on Blu-Ray Now!

Today finally saw the release of all 6 (or 3 if you are a purist) Star Wars films on blu-ray.

Back at CES in January we told you about Star Wars coming out, and in a blink of an eye we are here already.

Both the UK and US release was the same day (today) and last night in the UK, the BT Tower was turned into a huge lightsaber!

I am on holiday in the US at the moment and this very cool stand at Best Buy (shown above) greeted me this morning when I visited!

And in honour of Star Wars being released today, I paid a visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios here in Florida and rode the newly updated Star Tours ride. Well, ok, I rode it several times!

If you haven’t been on it in a while it has just reopened and is now in 3D, plus there are several variations of the ride, including a pod race, being chased by Boba Fett, visiting the Death Star and much more. I liked the ride before but the new one is very cool!

Anyway, have you got Star Wars on blu-ray yet? I am curious as to whether people will buy the original 3 or all 6? What did you do?


  1. Steven
    Let me know when the original cut hits blu-ray and then we can talk. I love these films but I am also tired of the yearly Lucas money grab. That being said I will probably get them any way. :)
    • Andrew Edney
      yeah, tell me about it! Over the years I have had various versions on video, on DVD and even on Laser Disk (that was was extremely expensive as it was a special edition box set). George Lucas needs to stop screwing around with them and let them be! Saying that, I still bought them :-)
  2. John Keller
    I agree with both of you however from what I have read don't hold your breath, According to Lucas this is his way of correcting his "Imperfections" from the technolgy not existing when the movies were originally being made.