Last month we reported that Sonos were warning users not to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion because of some issues. Now they have issued a further update on the situation.


Here is the update from Sonos:

Our beta testing is continuing. We have received good feedback from our beta users, the vast majority of whom are running without problems. However, we did identify and fix some additional issues that affected a small number of users. We put those into a beta refresh last week.

We continue to track down every reported issue. While it is clear we are very close, we are not ready to declare victory. We will continue testing the rest of this week and over the long weekend, and will release the fix to you as soon as it is ready.

Thank you for your patience. And a big thanks to our beta users for being so responsive.

Andrew Schulert
Vice President, Quality

So hopefully not too much longer to wait then, and it is very good to see them taking this seriously and ensuring the final release is the best it can be!