Boxee have added the AOL HD App to it’s ever increasing line up for apps.


What is the AOL HP App you may ask?

Translogic [Auto] – Check out test-drives, concept cars, supercars, interviews, automotive history lessons and behind-the-scenes footage from the world’s best car-makers including up and comers like Tesla.

Huffington Post Celebrity [Entertainment] – Watch celeb interviews from Cee-Lo, Kim Kardashian, and Fred Armisen (we <3 Portlandia). Think Entertainment Tonight, for the web.

Engadget [Tech] – A huge repository of reviews, and opinions on the latest gadgets, gizmos, software, and all things tech. It’s Mecca for technologists – we recommend daily viewings to keep up to date with Tim, Darren, and the rest of the electronics-laiden crew at Engadget.

The Interface & Sessions [Music] – Check out intimate concert performances and behind-the-scenes footage from big name bands like Train, Adele, TV on the Radio, Iron & Wine, and Gorillaz as well as indie groups like Manchester Orchestra, Battles, Foster the People, The Dodos, and Chk Chk Chk. Seriously people – if you like music, you’ll spend hours in here. You’ll be blown away by what’s available here – seriously, we’ve been asking AOL for access to this content for almost a year now… it’s that good.

Full CD Listening Party [Music] – Turn Boxee into a music jukebox that plays full releases from all types of different artists from Vanessa Carlton (singer of the jangly piano song you secretly love), Electronica veterans Underworld, rapper Black Rob (as opposed to your friend White Mike), and NY’s post-punk plus pianos and pipes band Aficionado.

Moviefone [Movies] – movie trailers for the latest films & celebrity interviews. Watch Leo talk about Inception, Will Ferrell discuss the intense physical training he went through to get in shape for The Other Guys, and Jason Bateman explain what it means to be inside Ryan Reynolds body. [we’re hoping there’s also a secret easter egg where you can have the moviefone guy read you bedtime stories]

AOL Home OR How I Became Master of My Domain [Home] – Thanks to this section alone, my home Feng Shui is off the charts, I’ve made healthy meals every night this week, and I installed a fountain in my dining room chandelier that can accommodate water, chocolate, or cheese. For all of us who need a little help around the home there’s a near-infinite amount of videos to help teach you how to cook (with Curtis Stone), fix things around the house (with Eric Stromer), keep yourself and kids entertained with crafts (with Kendra), and elevate your home decor game to the next level. And seriously if anyone makes a working fondue fountain inside of a chandelier, we’ll send you a Boxee Box.