TechGadgetsHow Does $200 Off an HP TouchPad Strike You?

How Does $200 Off an HP TouchPad Strike You?


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I saw today via an article on Engadget, which linked to ThisIsMyNext and webOSroundup, a Staples in-store promotion, coupled with an HP promotion, that cuts the price by $200.  Wow!

HP TouchPad

First off, the HP promotion.  HP is knocking $100 off of either 16GB or 32GB models.  In addition, webOSroundup found a Staples coupon for another $100 off, in-store only, and confirmed that they would honor both the HP price cut AND the Staples coupon.  Now, that means HP TouchPad goodness for $399/$299 in Staples this weekend.  Is that low enough for you to try one?

I played with one of these the weekend that they were released in a Best Buy store.  I have to say that webOS was very easy to use and I was able to pick it up and immediately use it.  While not as easy to use as an iPad, it was really a nice piece of hardware, and the browser runs flash.  App count is light, so no iOS fart apps here, but at that price, it might make sense to pick one up.

What do you think?  Is this cheap enough to take a shot with?  I may consult the Family CFO tonight over dinner…

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Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy
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    • to be honest, it depends what you want it for. If you want to give it to the kids, then I would go with the iPad as it has far more games and things to download, if you want just surfing and email type functions, then for that price it is good.

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