Would you like a cheap 2-bay media server? If so, take a look at the ZyXEL NSA320 2-Bay Power Media Server, it might just be what you are looking for.

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With a powerful CPU and sufficient memory, the ZyXEL NSA320 2-Bay Power Media Server can quickly transfer, backup and stream large multimedia files at the same time. Its superior data read/write rate is up to four times faster than most generic network storage appliances. The NSA320 also handles multiple simultaneous 1080p high-definition streams to different UPnP and DLNA-certified devices such as Microsoft XBOX360, Sony PS3 and DLNA TV in every room at home.

  • Superior performance for simultaneous file transfers and multiple HD streams
  • Faster data backup with NTFS support
  • Intuitive user interface integrated with media player
  • zPilotā„¢ for media auto-classification by easy drag-and-drop
  • Just click and select to easily enhance features for your network application needs
  • Runs eMule/BitTorrent/ FTP/HTTP downloads independent of PC

Who are ZyXEL?

From their website:

Founded in 1989 and set up in Taiwan, ZyXEL is now the leading provider of complete broadband access solutions for service providers, as well as business and home users.
ZyXEL solutions boast the latest, hottest networking features such as Triple Play, Quality of Service (QoS), Network Security and Network Management. Both corporate and home users can take advantage of ZyXEL products and services to enjoy high quality, versatile media applications in a secure and manageable networking environment.

As one of the early modem makers, ZyXEL has undergone many transformations in the fast-paced networking industry; and its mainstay products have also evolved from modems, ISDN TAs and routers to broadband access devices serving the needs of the individual, small business and corporate users, and even large-scale central offices. Today, ZyXEL is one of the few companies in the world capable of offering complete networking solutions ranging from DSL customer premise equipment, central office equipment, Internet security appliances, switches, WLAN equipment, network-attached storage and centralized network management systems.

Thanks to the combined force of 33 sales offices and 2 R&D centers worldwide, ZyXEL successfully passed US$479 million in annual revenue in 2008. The company currently has 3,200 employees, and distributors in 70 countries reaching over 150 regional markets.


  • Network protocol:
    • TCP/IP
    • CIFS/SMB, NFS (for Linux/Unix)
    • FTP, HTTP
    • DHCP client
    • PPPoE
    • NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • Network setting:
    • DyDNS support
  • Network applications:
    • Gigabit jumbo frame support up to 9K bytes
    • UPnP AV server
    • iTunes server support
    • SqueezeCenter support
    • Samba/FTP server support
    • Photo album server
    • phpMyAdmin/MySQL/PHP
    • Supports eMule/BitTorrent/FTP/HTTP downloads
    • Auto-upload newly-added files to FTP servers, flickr and YouTube
Media Playback Support
  • Supports Windows Media Center plug-ins for playing music/videos
  • Supports photo slide show
File System Support
  • Internal HDD: XFS
  • External HDD: NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, FAT32, ReiserFS, XFS
  • Supports HTTPS and FTPES (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL)
  • Encrypted NSA to NSA remote replication
  • Encrypted NSA to external disk archive backup
Backup Solutions
  • One-touch copy/sync button for external USB-capable devices backup
  • Backup planner:
    • Instant/Scheduled backup
    • NSA to NSA synchronization/archive backup
    • NSA to external USB hard disk backup
  • PC to NAS backup (Memeo AutoBackup software)
USB Device Support
  • USB hard disk and card reader
  • Digital camera (support picture transfer protocol)
  • UPS monitoring and auto shutdown
RAID Features
Disk Maintenance
  • Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)
  • Automatically detect disk bad block sector with e-mail notification
Power and Thermal Management
  • Power control:
    • Internal disk hibernation support
    • Scheduled power on/off/reboot
    • System automatically resume after power outage
    • Wake-on-LAN support
  • Thermal management:
    • Smart fan speed control
    • High temperature alert/buzzer
    • Auto shutdown at high temperature
  • User & group management
  • Package Management for setting up applications
  • IP filter table management
  • Download service with bandwidth control
  • Download status management
  • RSS client and server support auto-download and notification
  • Recycle bin with auto-cleanup and restoring files function
System Tools
  • System maintenance:
    • System resource, session, status monitoring
    • Online auto-upgrade firmware
  • Alarm:
    • E-mail notification for specific severity of log recorded
    • High temperature e-mail alert with auto-shutdown option
  • Logs:
    • Syslog record
    • Periodically system event with e-mail notification
Minimum System Requirements
  • OS for utility: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64 bit)
  • Browser: IE 6.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Chrome 4.0+