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Mobostick – the Android World’s Answer to Apple’s Airplay?


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Do you have an Android device and would love to wirelessly share files from your device? If so, then the answer might be the Mobostick.


Mobostick™ is Wireless universal USB connectivity for your Android phone and Tablet.

The Mobostick™ is a universal USB connector which offers wireless connectivity to the files that reside inside your SmartPhone and Tablet. Wirelessly connect to devices equipped with a USB port to see and playback files which live in your Android device.

SmartPhones do a great job consolidating your life into one device. But when it comes to sharing your life from your phone, options are limited. Introducing the Mobostick™, the perfect accessory for your digital life! Accessorize your Android phone with the Mobostick™ + Mobostick App, and stream files from your phone to any device with a USB port, wirelessly.

Release the artist within you and share your creations!

You direct your life while Mobostick™ delivers it! Where YOU want it! In HD, without limitations of other solutions, music, photos and videos streamed in the home, in the car, in your friend’s place, at work, at the party, in the cabin. Beam your life to new HD heights.

Capture in HD, stream in HD

HD streaming from your SmartPhone and Tablet to any device with a USB port. Plug into any device with a USB port and stream the contents of your phone and tablet. Annoying cables? Break free with portable wireless connectivity! All that while using your phone to make calls, snap photos or surf the net, without interrupting your media streaming.

No news yet on pricing and it’s just “coming soon” at the moment.

Learn more from the HSTI website

Here is the full press release:

“mobostick™” by HSTi. Android’s answer to Apple’s Airplay™ but without the limitations
The perfect companion for Android Smartphones and Tablets

July 15, 2011, Calgary, Canada – HSTi launched today “mobostick™”, Android world’s answer to Apple’s Airplay™. “mobostick™” turns Android Smartphones and Tablets to wireless, secure, portable, media and file sharing devices. The perfect accessory for Android Smartphones and Tablets.

“mobostick™” wirelessly shares files from an Android Smartphone and Tablet to any device with a USB port. With the addition of the Mobostick™ ( Android devices owners can turn their devices into portable wireless media and file servers. They can copy files to a computer or laptop, backup important information, stream music files to a stereo, beam videos uploaded or created by the device to a TV, display a photo slideshow through a game console or any media player, print a photo at a USB equipped printer, or run a presentation on a projector, at home, at the office, in the car, at a friend’s place, at the local café. Wirelessly!

Android Tablet users who create documents, now have a portable sharing solution in the “mobostick™” which does not depend on cords or drivers nor is dependent on manufacturer-specific proprietary environments.

Apple’s Airplay™ and DLNA apps depend on stationary technologies like home networks and Wi-Fi enabled devices to operate, and are limited to media sharing only. “mobostick™”, is a self-contained solution, manufacturer-independent, sharing any file, anywhere! All that is required is one of the billions of playback devices equipped with a USB port.

Based on customer feedback, an accessory as portable as a Smartphone and Tablet emerged as a preferred one by many of HSTI’s customers. Unlike the Apple Airplay™ proprietary environment restrictions and hardware dependence, the “mobostick™” provides connectivity for most manufacturers’ Android Smartphones and Tablets and with an added advantage: Anywhere, on the go, and in manufacturer-agnostic environments! Be it a Xoom™ or Galaxy tab™, Desire HD™, Iconia™, eee pad™, NEXUS™, ARC™ or Xperia™ among others, the “mobostick™” offers the wireless connectivity many Android users were looking for.

“mobostick™” is utilizing the Android device’s built-in Access Point / Hotspot, while the free mobostick App governs the file sharing. It shares wirelessly the media content in the background, and allows the user to simultaneously use the Smartphone or Tablet in any of its other purposes, without any interruption.

Additionally, its battery footprint while sharing is minimal. Files are not copied or moved from the device and it is totally secure The award-winning proprietary technology of HSTi gained notoriety at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas as a unique media server for Android Tablets and Smartphones, and has other mobile devices on the road map. The ever-expanding Android Smartphone and Tablet markets needed an Accessory like the “mobostick™”. It proved compatible with virtually any playback device with a USB port,
like a TV, PS3™, Xbox™, DVD/Blu-ray™ player, WD TV™, O!Play, Google TV™, stereo and even a photo frame.

“Android devices are dominating the mobility market today. Smartphones and Tablets do a great job consolidating one’s life into one device, we now edit and create work files, direct our own family movies, document our lives, but when it comes to sharing media or work files from an Android device, options are limited,” said Harry Diamantopoulos, HSTi’s Managing Director and Co-founder. “The “mobostick™” combined with an Android Smartphone or Tablet makes it easy for people to share their creations, with friends, family, colleagues, whoever. Plenty of Apps on the Android platform offer DLNA / UPNP compatibility between a phone or tablet and a media player. These Apps depend on technologies like home
networks and Wireless enabled media players to work. How portable is a solution that depends on hardware you just left back in your home? How practical is it to take your TV and router wherever you go?

And let’s face it, if we were interested in wires we wouldn’t own mobile phones. “mobostick™” is the perfect accessory for your Android devices and provides the portability, compatibility and security desired by today’s demanding consumer”, he emphasized.

The “mobostick™” is expected to be on major Retailers and E-tailers shelves, just in time for the “Back to School” period and is readily available from HSTi’s web-site at

About HSTI:
HSTi is an innovative Canadian technology company which develops and markets products that transform how people use and enjoy their media while adding value and functionality to technologically advanced consumer products. Our patented streaming technology (Patent Pending and World P.C.T) is the foundation for all our products that help consumers and businesses enhance their wireless devices.

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