This week, UWHS visited the Microsoft 2011 Christmas Showcase event, and one of the things we saw was the new Microsoft Touch Mouse – and believe me, you will want one!


Back at CES, Microsoft were talking about the Touch Mouse, and since then its been vey quiet, until now that is.

Here is how Microsoft describe the Touch Mouse:

Ready for a whole new way to navigate your PC? Touch Mouse, made exclusively for Windows 7, makes everyday task more fluid and intuitive by using natural gestures instead of clicks. You’ll be more productive, with less effort.

Take a look at the key features below:


The Touch Mouse enables you to use your multiple finger gestures to perform certain tasks with ease, such as snapping windows side by side, and because of the BlueTrak technology you can use it on pretty much any surface.

The cost of this little beauty is £69.99, and it will be out later in the year. All I know is that I want one!!!!!

Learn more from the US Microsoft website

Have a look at some more pictures below: