Final Thoughts

Installing PD12 was very quick and simple. I loved that I really didn’t need to do any configuring of my server at all once it was installed. I just started a defrag, sat back, and let it get on with it.

There are plenty of options you can change and set if you wish, but I didn’t feel the need to.

Performing a scan was very quick, and performing my initial defrag was relatively quick. Performing a consolidate free space pass took longer, but that was the initial time of using it, so with PD12 sitting running in the background it shouldn’t take that long in the future.

The installation method we used in this review was to manually copy the add-in to the server and install that way. During the initial installation of the software, you could choose the Installation option from the program which should automatically find your Windows Home Server for you, and that worked fine, but most people are used to the normal add-in way. But it is nice to have that option.

PerfectDisk 12 for WHS install 2

I really liked that you get both the Windows Home Server V1 and WHS 2011 editions as part of the software, so if you run V1 now you won’t have to buy the WHS 2011 version later on if you make the leap to WHS 2011.

PerfectDisk 12 Home Server edition and Diskeeper 2011 are both available for Windows Home Server V1 (although Diskeeper 2011 is not available for WHS 2011 at this time). They both perform the same functions and both work very well, and they both cost the same.

Diskeeper has more detailed history reports if that is something you are interested in, but I would imagine for most people they wouldn’t really care just as long as the software was performing as advertised – which it does.

So, how to pick between them? Well, to be honest, I can’t really recommend one over the other. They both do the job very well, and very quickly. I would say, if you were on the fence and you had a previous version you could take advantage of the upgrade offer. Other than that it will come down to personal preference.

Price wise, it will depend on what you buy, For example if you just want the Home Server edition, its $39.99, or $19.99 if you have a previous version. Or for $69.99 you can get the Home Server edition and 3 licences of Professional for your home PCs. So it is a very competitive product.

UWHS Review - PerfectDisk 12 Home Server for Windows Home Server V1

Overall we gave it a 4/5 and a Recommended result. This is the same score we gave the Windows Home Server 2011 edition, but I have to say I preferred the 2011 edition to the V1 edition. Mainly because of the issues around viewing information in the small Console window. We still recommend it though because it is a very good product, and it is easy to use, and the price is very good.

UWHS Review - PerfectDisk 12 Home Server for Windows Home Server V1

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