Build an 8 TB WHS 2011 Box for Under $750

My friend and fellow MVP Tim Barrett shows you how you can build a brand new 8 TB WHS 2011 box for less than $750 – nice one Tim!

Tim uses the HP Microserver which we have talked about quite a few times, and frankly love as a cheap box that does what you need.

Check out Tim’s video of the HP MicroserverJoin in the discussions on the HP Microserver on our forums

Great work Tim!

Check out Tim’s article here


  1. varun
    Is it such a wise idea to buy four drives of the same make, manufacture and likely the same batch? The chances of a catastrophic failure hitting all of them at the same time is higher than if you were to go with, say, one Hitachi 5K3000, one Samsung 204WI, one Seagate 5NA2 and one EARS. They're all about the same price, too, plus minus five bucks.
    • Andrew Edney
      That's a good point - although people do seem to have a preference for a particular manufacturer. But they could always buy from 4 different sources I suppose :-)