NewsFirst Look at Diskeeper 2011 for Windows Home Server

First Look at Diskeeper 2011 for Windows Home Server


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Last week we told you that Diskeeper 2011 was coming very soon and waiting in the wings. Here at UWHS we have been playing with Diskeeper 2011 for a few days and so wanted to share a quick first look with you before our full hands-on review.


Some brand new features include:

Instant Defrag™

Diskeeper 2011 offers a ground breaking new combination of technology that prevents (IntelliWrite) and immediately eliminates (NEW Instant Defrag) performance-impacting fragmentation so you’ll likely never access slow files ever again. IntelliWrite prevents up to 85% and more, fragmentation from occurring on the initial write. If fragments are not prevented during the initial write, IntelliWrite passes along information about the remaining fragments, in real-time, to the Instant Defrag engines for immediate handling. This exclusive design allows Diskeeper to stay ahead of performance robbing fragmentation on systems that split up data at a high rate. It also minimizes system-resources by eliminating time-consuming whole-volume fragmentation analysis in order to determine what recently written data needs to be defragmented.
The user is informed of the benefits of Instant Defrag in the Dashboard which displays the average time to prevent and handle newly occurring fragments.
IntelliWrite, combined with the new Instant Defrag, provides 100% performance 24×7. With IntelliWrite preventing the vast majority of fragmentation before it can occur, writing files contiguously in the first place, and Instant Defrag immediately eliminating any fragments that sneak by, performance levels are always at peak.


Efficient Mode™

Efficient Mode, new in Diskeeper 2011, minimizes the time and resources used by Diskeeper to restore and maintain peak performance and reliability.
Diskeeper reports information about Efficient Mode in the updated Diskeeper user interface. By tracking the I/O (Input/Output) activity on a system Diskeeper 2011 also now estimates the overall I/Os saved (due to removing fragmentation) with time-based data in the updated Diskeeper Dashboard and cumulative statistics in the Diskeeper History section.

The new Efficient Mode is smart enough to know the difference between fragmentation that is a problem and fragmentation that is not a problem. Efficient Mode only addresses problem fragmentation. By eliminating the extra effort to get to a state of 0 total fragments, the resources required to restore peak performance are minimal. Efficient Mode is available in all Diskeeper 2011 editions expect for Home edition.


Performance Report

Diskeeper’s new performance report overlays the main User Interface (UI) to provide the user with an instant view of gains they experience with the new Diskeeper 2011. Users will see:
 System Configuration Status
 Read and Write Access Time – % improvement
 How much fragmentation was prevented and eliminated
 Cumulative Number of I/Os Saved

Here are some quick screenshots:

UWHS - Diskeeper 2011 Review

UWHS - Diskeeper 2011 Review

UWHS - Diskeeper 2011 Review

So keep an eye out for the UWHS hands-on review very soon.

Check out the Diskeeper website for more information

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]You can now download a 30 trial edition of Diskeeper 2011 – just click the link in the header above and don’t forget to tell them we sent you![/box]

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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