With hard drives becoming cheaper, you may find yourself in need of an external storage enclosure. And why not take advantage of all the RAID has to offer at the same time? We take a look at the S354UFER External SATA Raid Enclosure from StarTech.

UWHS - StarTech S354UFER Review

Here is how the StarTech website describes the RAID enclosure:

StarTech.com’s S354UFER External SATA RAID Enclosure is a high-performance external RAID storage solution, supporting up to 4 high capacity 3.5″ SATA hard drives (supports SATA, SATA II and SATA III-6Gbps).

The 4-bay RAID enclosure can be connected to the host/source computer through USB, eSATA or FireWire and automatically builds your SATA RAID array based on your selection (Spanning, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 1+0, RAID 3, and RAID 5 supported), delivering a simple, yet flexible external storage solution.

Designed for convenience, the enclosure features front panel LED indicators that provide RAID information and simple hard drive status and activity monitoring. The enclosure also features a built-in 3-speed 80mm fan with automatic or manual controls that allow you to customize the speed of the fan as necessary, ensuring suitable operating temperatures for optimized drive performance.

The StarTech.com Advantage:

  • Support for up to 4 drives provide large amounts of storage with a choice of high speed interfaces from USB 2.0, FireWire400/800 or eSATA
  • The removable front cover and accessible drive bays allows drives to be replaced easily in case of failure or upgraded
  • Built-in support for numerous RAID modes for most personal/business needs and an 80mm controllable cooling fan to keep drives from overheating

Who Are StarTech?

According to their website:

StarTech.com is your one-stop source for every connectivity part you need. From the latest technology to legacy products — and all the parts that bridge the old and new — we can help you find the parts that connect your solutions.

We make it easy to locate the parts, and we quickly deliver them wherever they need to go. Just talk to one of our tech advisors or visit our website. You’ll be connected to the products you need in no time.


Warranty : 1 Year

Carton Quantity: 4

Color : Black

Drive Connectors : 4 – 15 pin SATA Power Female

Drive Connectors : 4 – 7 pin SATA DATA Female

Enclosure Type : Aluminum

Fan Bearing Type : Ball Bearing

Fans : 1 – 80 mm

Host Connectors : 1 – 7 pin eSATA DATA Female

Host Connectors : 1 – USB B Female

Humidity : 90%RH

Input Voltage : 115 ~ 230 AC

LED Indicators : 1 – HDD error indicator

LED Indicators : 1 – Power indicator

LED Indicators : 1 – RAID rebuild indicator

LED Indicators : 2 – Connection indicators

LED Indicators : 2 – Fan mode indicators

LED Indicators : 3 – Fan speed indicators

LED Indicators : 6 – RAID Mode indicators

Max Drive Capacity : Tested up to 2.0 TB

Operating Temperature : -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Output Current : 5000mA

Output Voltage : 12 DC

Power Adapter Included : Yes

Product Height : 170

Product Length : 215

Product Weight : 1.8 kg [3.98 lb]

Product Width : 126

RPM : Low – 1200rpm, Med – 1800rpm, High – 2500rpm

Shipping (Package) Weight: 3.31 kg [7.32 lb]

Storage Temperature : -25°C to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F)

Number of Drives : 4

Compatible Drives  : 3.5″ SATA

Chipset ID : PLX – OXUFS936QSE

Supported RAID Modes : BIG (Spanning or Concatenation)

Supported RAID Modes : RAID 0 (Striped Disks)

Supported RAID Modes : RAID 1 (Mirrored Disks)

Supported RAID Modes : RAID 10 (1+0; Striped set of Mirrored Subset)

Supported RAID Modes : RAID 3 (Striped set with Dedicated Parity)

Supported RAID Modes : RAID 5 (Striped Disks with Parity)

Host Connectors : 1 – 6 pin FireWire Female

Host Connectors : 2 – 9 pin FireWire 800 Female

Type and Rate : FireWire 400 IEEE-1394a – 400 Mbit/s

Type and Rate : FireWire 800 IEEE-1394b – 800 Mbit/s

Type and Rate : SATA 3 Gbit/s (SATA II)

Type and Rate : USB 2.0 – 480 Mbit/s

The maximum supported partition size for some 32-bit Windows systems is 2 TB. These versions of Windows cannot detect multiple drives in any RAID mode if the total size exceeds 2 TB.

Some operating modes of the enclosure require an eSATA host port to provide Port Multiplier (PM) support. Without PM support, only one of the drives will be accessible.