Drive Bender beta goes live

Division M has started the beta program for their Drive Bender software. Their website states that registration for the beta is now closed but they are still taking questions. Read on to find the links to site.


This version of Drive Bender is not an Add-In but a application that works in conjunction with the Disk Management application in Windows Home Server 2011.


Directly from the Drive Bender website:


Drive Bender is state of the art storage pool technology for Microsoft Windows.


Drive Bender takes single point storage to the next level. Inspired by Microsoft’s “Windows Home Server” Drive Extender technology, Drive Bender is a product that provides the same level of functionality, and more, for all versions of the Microsoft Windows**.


** Requires Microsoft Windows XP and above (x86 / x64).


Drive Bender has also “Just pumped out our first update (v1.0.1.6). Fixes a couple of bugs and now installs correctly on x86 platforms” so check with their website to verify your version.


Their Forum is at:



While you can try their software at:


You can also follow Drive Bender on Twitter: