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Windows Home Server 2011 Feature : Server and Folder Recovery


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Now that the Windows Home Server 2011 Release Candidate is available, lets take a look at the new Server and Folder recovery feature. There’s even a video at the end showing it working.

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In a previous article, we looked at the new Server and Folder backup functionality provided in Windows Home Server 2011, so what happens if you need to recover something?

Using Server and Folder Recovery

Ok, so you have backed up your server and folders but you need to recover something. Go to the Computers and Backup tab and click on Restore files or folders for the server from the SERVER tasks list. This starts the recovery wizard so just click Next.

Windows 7-2011-02-02-18-22-51

You need to specify the backup location (note that “At a different location” doesn’t mean offsite). Then click Next.

Windows 7-2011-02-02-18-22-58

Select both the backup disk to restore from and the server to restore to.

Windows 7-2011-02-02-18-23-10

Then choose if you want to start the restore from the latest backup or from a backup that you select yourself. Most of the time I would guess you will select the most recent backup.

Windows 7-2011-02-02-18-23-21

If you do want to choose the backup yourself you just need to click on date of the backup (the available dates will be in bold) and the time from the drop down list.

Windows 7-2011-02-02-18-23-33

Andrew Edney
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  1. This is developing like a bad comedy. First no DE, now It seems that Vail (called now Home Server 2011) is even bigger screwed-up than I thought. Ya, you can now install 3TB in server, but you cannot really use 3TB ! WHS automatically "downgrade" 3TB hardrives to 2Tb partitions because Vail is not able to make backup of WHS drives if they are larger than 2TB. So, even if you have 10TB RAID5, you have to partition it into 2TB chunks max. I wonder how you are going to backup multiTB PCs to 2TB chunks?

    Ity seems that Microsoft lately produce just failure after failure to consumer home market. No wonder that Apple and everybody else has a free raid.

  2. Just read this article, and am I missing somehting…???

    I assumed that a server rstore would allow you in the even of drive failure, to simply restore your server.. but your info suggest you do this via the dashboard.. if my server is dead, I have no dashboard…

    Surely I dont have to clean install WHS first, then do a restore????

    • The server recovery recovers the base server (not the same as clean install), if you want to restore folders you use the dashboard.

      These are two different recovery procedures, and obviously rely on you having backed everything up first as well.

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