NewsWindows Home Server V1 Update Available UR2 KB981089

Windows Home Server V1 Update Available UR2 KB981089


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If you have automatic updates enabled on your Windows Home Server then you are going to see a new update today for V1. It’s called Update Rollup 2 (UR2) and the KB article is KB981089.

25-01-2011 18-47-14

An update for Windows Home Server is available through Windows Update on January 25, 2011.

This update contains fixes for eight issues that were found since the release of the Windows Home Server update that was released on August 24, 2010 (KB 979453).

The following issues are fixed in this update.

Issue 1

Assume that you use Windows Internet Explorer 9 to access the computer page of the Windows Home Server Remote Access website. In this situation, your connection fails if your Windows Home Server Remote Access website is not added to the trusted sites zone.

Issue 2

The TV archive add-in in Media Center fails on the TV archive page after you change the calendar to the Japanese format.

Issue 3

The uninstallation process fails on your first attempt to uninstall Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Client Connector from a home computer.

Issue 4

When you shut down a home computer, Windows Home Server may report that antivirus software is not installed or is out of date. This occurs even though the antivirus software is installed and up-to-date.

Issue 5

A home computer that is joined to one of the following servers is not blocked when the computer tries to join Windows Home Server:

  • The next version of Windows Home Server
  • Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials
  • Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials

This causes software compatibility issues.

Issue 6

The current version of Identity Client Run Time Library that is included in Windows Home Server

contains a potential privacy issue.

Issue 7

A function call may fail if you use the Windows Home Server software development kit (SDK) to retrieve user information on a German or French version of Windows Home Server.

Issue 8

The Remote Access website may be vulnerable to cross-site request forgery attacks.

You can read the complete KB article from here.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. Well since this update , I cant update the windows home server connector software on any of my computers. I tried updateing it fails with a network error. I tried copying the files from the server, and running as admin, then it fails with a network error after asking for the server password. I tried it on pcs running vista 32bit and xp32 bit and without success. It was running fine before the update went live, and also all the steps outlined in the MS document to check if the server is configured correctly work OK. Only problem is with the connector software.

    • I havent experienced any problems myself here – in fact I am running a backup on an old machine right now.

      have you tried uninstalling the connector and then doing a new install?

      also, have you tried copying the files to your pc and running the install from there rather than via the share?


  2. I am having all the same issues with upgrading the connector software on 3 different machines. #1 is my desktop running Wondows 7 Pro 64 bit. #2 is my lap top running Windows 7 Home 64 bit and #3 is my old stand by XP 32 bit machine. The connector software will not update on any of the machines. I decided to sacrifice the lap top as a ginny pig and unistalled the connector software and tried installing it again via http://servername:55000 and now I get a HTTP Error 401.3 and can go nowhere from there. I do not want to try this from the desktop as I am at least use the connector to get into the server that way.

    I have been looking at every WHS forum that I know of for help and nothing is working ao I have no idea as to what to fo next.

    BTW the server is an HP EX-470 with the correct versions of upgrades and from the looks of things the upgrade push to the server did work but not the connector. All three computers were off when the patch was sent from Microsoft. Also the server and computers have been rebooted a number of times in this process.

    • As I suggested above, try copying the Connector files from the WHS and running it directly from your machine. So go to servernamesoftwareHome Server Connector Software


  3. Okay I have checked a few things, and managed to get the file to copy to my client but it seems to be the old connector file, as on install it fails after the server password, but if I cancel and force it not to uninstall, I got the message on next bootup that my connector file is the old one and need to upgrade. Anyone can list the file dates of their servernamesoftwareHome Server Connector Software directory? THe 2 MSI files that I have there got 2011 jan 10,but all the other files older. I think this is what causes the install to fail, and the upgrade from working.

  4. For me after installing from servernamesoftwareHome Server Connector Software. The version numbers are still Console, Backup and R 6.02423.0

    Drive Ex 6.02423.0, Remote A 6.03436.0, Home Server Storage manager 6.0.3039

  5. Lots of errors reportied in the other WHS forums too. First recommendation is to reboot the server, then if problems persist uninstall the connector and then reinstall from the Software shared folder on the server.

    Problems for me were due to a number of services not running after the reboot following the update being applied.

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