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Unboxing the LaCie 5big Backup Server with Windows Home Server


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We first told you about the LaCie’s entrance into the Windows Home Server market back at CES 2010, then it took until August for it to be released. Now we have our unboxing of the 5big Backup Server in preparation for our hands-on review.

UWHS - LaCie 5big Storage Server

Here is how LaCie describe the 5big Backup Server:

Delivering seamless, full-featured backup for up to 10 PCs and 25 Macs, the 5big Backup Server is designed for small businesses requiring a high-performance backup strategy that doesn’t require an IT professional to deploy. Setup is as easy as connecting the 5big Backup Server to your LAN and configuring backup. Offering robust performance and the usability of Microsoft’s storage software, the LaCie 5ig Backup Server is a perfect solution for any small business with important data to protect.

With up to 10TB of internal capacity scalable through USB and eSATA connections, the 5big Backup Server offers huge storage to back up all your office’s workstations. For Macs, a professional-grade Time Machine feature creates a dedicated directory for every backed up workstation, making file restoration from the client straightforward. The 5big Backup Server also offers file-level and bare metal backup capabilities, so whether users experience accidental file loss or require an entire system to be restored, the 5big Backup Server ensures all data can be recovered through the network with minimum downtime. Additionally, you can back up the 5big Backup Server’s data onto an external hard drive via the USB or eSATA expansion port – truly enterprise-level capabilities within a desktop solution.

The 5big Backup Server features backup deduplication, centralized backup management, workstation agent-free configuration and protection against unexpected drive failure. With deduplication, only one copy of a given file is saved to the 5big Backup Server for ultimate backup efficiency and storage usage. Yet despite its high performance, the 5big Backup Server offers eco-friendly features. Its casing is made from fully recyclable including an ultra-quiet Noctua fan, allowing you to place the product wherever you choose – including on a desktop.


There is a 5 TB and a 10 TB version available.

5big backup specs

What’s In The Box?

Along with the 5big Backup Server itself, which comes in a very fetching black cloth bag (the same as the 5big Storage Server), you also get the usual assortment of cables, a power supply, software and manual.

UWHS - LaCie 5big Storage ServerUWHS - LaCie 5big Storage Server

UWHS - LaCie 5big Storage ServerUWHS - LaCie 5big Storage Server

The front of the server has a blue button / eye that is very striking where as the back of the server has the 5 drive bays and the various ports.

UWHS - LaCie 5big Storage Server

A closer look at the ports reveals 2 LAN ports, multiple USB ports and an eSata port.

UWHS - LaCie 5big Storage Server

Watch out for the UWHS hands-on review shortly, but in the mean time you can learn more about the 5big Backup Server on the LaCie Website.

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  1. I thought that was a typo "deduplication" you will have to explain more when you write your review. I'm looking forward to that. Congrat's on getting a box to review. I hope you can hold onto it for at least a few months if questions popup.

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