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Hands On Review of the Griffin Stylus for the Apple iPad and iPhone


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If you use an Apple iPad or iPhone for any length then your fingers might get a little sore. If that’s the case you could do with using a stylus – and Griffin has one just for you!


Griffin’s Stylus is a balanced pointer with a soft rubber tip custom designed to mimic your finger. The omni-directional tip adapts to any writing style and doesn’t care whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. Keeps your touchscreen free of fingerprints and smudges as it gives increased control over any touchscreen operation. Perfect for sketching, drawing, gaming and photography apps, or any use where you need a finer degree of control than your finger can offer. Stylus includes an integrated clip that attaches to a pocket in your bag or a pencil loop in your iPad case.

  • High-sensitivity, omni-directional point won’t scratch or smudge your touchscreen
  • Great for right- and left-handed writers
  • Integrated clip attaches to strap, pocket or a pencil loop in your iPad case
  • Use with any app for greater comfort and control

What’s In The Box?

The box is very small, and just contains the stylus – but then what more do you really need?

IMG_3243 IMG_3244

The stylus itself is very small and lightweight – as you can see it about the same length as an iPhone 4. Its length is 4.3” and its weight is just 0.4 oz.


Final Thoughts

I really like this stylus – I found it very easy to use and I didn’t need to apply very much pressure at all when using it. I used it on both an iPad and an iPhone 4 and I have to say it felt a little bit strange going back to using my finger after using the stylus.

If you use either of these devices for any length of time then this stylus is a must have, and at less than $20 it’s a bargain. I actually bought mine in Tesco.

You can learn more from the Griffin website.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


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