TechBYOB Episode 25 Out Now

BYOB Episode 25 Out Now


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The guys over at BYOB, including our Tim Daleo, have just released episode 25. And don’t forget the live show next Saturday.


Here is what they say about this weeks show:

Doc’s RAID 5, Tim has a bad memory? AMD 1100T, AMD 69xx series release date, GTX 570 is loose.  This week we talk about some new products and spend some time discussing Software RAID as part of a ongoing quest for mass storage to fill the gap created by the removal of DE.  Hope you enjoy the podcast and remember to join us for the BYOB live show on December 18th at 11am PST.  Bring your questions and hope to see your there.


AMD Releases it’s new 6 core 1100T Processor

nVidia Releases it’s GTX570 at a competitive price

AMD releases a date for their next gen high end 69xx series of card that replace the current 58xx/59xx series

Tim shares an unusual memory issue
Mike shares his initial findings with his 8TB RAID 5

Mike, Michael and Tim have a discussion on RAID and discuss different solutions to issues of expandability, time, speed, etc…

Another BYOB Live – This weekend Saturday 12.18.10 @ 11AM pst!

Join us for our Second Q & A with BYOB on a live Ustream Saturday 12.18.10 11:00 AM PST

As usual you can listen to the show here.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. Hey guys – great show. You've convinced me not to try RAID – waaaay too many restrictions like how to easily grow the pool, what happens if a hard drive dies 2 years from now and I can't get a like-for-like replacement ?

    When the next Beta of Vail comes out (minus DE) it would be great if one of you could test it out with FlexRAID and FlexRAID view to see if a DE-like experience can be had – just an idea.

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