TechInformation on the Shuttle X350

Information on the Shuttle X350


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Shuttle have released some images of their forthcoming X350 computer.

XS35-prev-01 XS35-prev-82view_R-03 XS35-prev-backview XS35-prev-frontview

Here is what Shuttle say about the X350:

The ultra-compact PC platform — Shuttle X350 — is only one-third the size of the previous generation slim PC. At just 1.5 inches thin, the slim design is not only space-saving for projects or applications where space is critical, but it fits easily into any environment with the ability to be mounted behind an LCD TV or LCD monitor. It’s also completely fanless. The internal layout has been meticulously engineered to require no fan, so it’s not only quiet and low in energy consumption, but it’s also dust-free and virtually maintenance free.

Even with the small size, the dual-core Intel(R) Atom(TM) D510 powered Shuttle X350 manages to slip in a space for slim optical drives and the next generation NVIDIA(R) ION (codename: ION 2) graphics with true 1080p HDMI output (optional) for a power-packing slim PC. The X350 will be available for ordering on the Shuttle website starting this week.

It will be interesting to learn more about this machine – so stay tuned.

You can also watch a video on the X350 here:

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. I just ordered a zotac zbox for the kitchen touchscreen

    Ill have to try one of these in the master bedroom bathroom for watching blurays while I get ready for work

    How flippen cool

  2. I really like the look of this. I have been looking for the ideal HTPC to strap to the back of my 40" lcd for a couple of years now but have been holding off as the options seem to keep improving over time. I have been impressed with the latest Acer Revo boxes with the dual core but this seems to eclipse them, at a better price point and with no fan so pretty much silent. I'm looking forward to reading the review. And Andrew, if you have no use for the test unit when you have finished with it I can promise you to give it a good home and provide you with long term reviews! Matt S 🙂

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