TechHP Launch StorageWorks X300 Data Vault Windows Home Servers

HP Launch StorageWorks X300 Data Vault Windows Home Servers


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Today HP have released a new group of Windows Home Servers known as the StorageWorks X300 Data Vault.

HP X310

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Here is what HP has to say about the X300:


Are you doing nightly backups? Is it easy for you to share files across your business? Don’t you have more pressing concerns than how to backup and share your data?
The HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault provides a simple and inexpensive solution for a small business to store, secure and share data for under $600. Based on Microsoft Windows Home Server, it provides a user-friendly interface with easy installation and management. The HP X300 Data Vault provides you with automated backup for up to ten PC clients and Macs on the network while providing additional protection features like folder duplication and online backup. The X300 offers both local and remote file sharing via a custom URL which is accessible from any web browser. It also comes with three empty bays for internal storage expansion and also offers external USB and eSATA ports for additional external expansion. Store it, secure it, share it.

What’s new

Lower price point under $600 for 1 TB capacity model
Intel 1.6 GHz Atom Dual Core processor
Focus on key data protection features for small business
Reliable disaster recovery with KeepVault online backup


Simple Data Protection
Ideal for businesses with ten or less PC and Mac clients, the HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault provides full system protection. The HP Data Vault automatically backs up each client every day without you having to manage the process.

Once installed, your HP X300 Data Vault will allow you to consolidate your data for both PC or Mac clients supporting backups onto a single device. This consolidation makes your storage process both efficient and easy to manage.

You get peace of mind with simple automated daily backups. Install the client software on any PC on your network and the HP X300 Data Vault does the rest. Daily backups are reviewable as individual files. You can open any backup and restore a single file or multiple files.

The X300 provides onsite backup for PCs and Macs. However, your irreplaceable data is vulnerable to disasters like theft, fire, and flood. KeepVault online backup provides reliable disaster recovery. Protecting files on the Data Vault, as they change, to secure online servers.

Protect your business by protecting your most important asset: your data.

Simple Data Sharing

Share files on the local network via the HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault. Create shared folders based on your business needs. Access your Data Vault from any internet connected computer. Use the remote computer like your own PC.

Create a custom web address of your choosing. Access your HP X300 Data Vault through your custom web address from any internet connected computer. Web addresses are registered through an HP partner.

Most online services charge a monthly fee to access your files. With the X300 and a custom domain from accessing your files is free for the first year and costs a nominal fee each year after.

The local and remote file sharing capabilities on the HP X300 Data Vault provide for more efficient business collaboration.

Protection of Critical Files Means Data Security

The HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault lets you choose which file folders are the most important. With the ease of a mouse click, you can tell the X300 to duplicate that folder to a second hard disk drive. If a hard disk drive was to fail, your data will still be safe on the second hard disk drive.

Access to shared file folders can be easily managed through a mouse click. Set Read/Write, Read Only or No Access privileges for each user, to each shared folder. Users login and authenticate, with a password, to access the HP X300 Data Vault shared folders or PC applications.

The HP X300 Data Vault comes with a trial version of McAfee Anti-Virus software which you can choose to install. You can also use your existing anti-virus software to easily scan the HP X300 Data Vault.

Expandable to Meet Your Growth Needs

Expand to 7 TB or more internally and up to 15 TB or more with external storage options. The HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault supports hot-swapping of hard disk drives which means that to add capacity you do not need to power down the device. The X300 grows as your business grows.

Four USB ports and one eSATA port are available to add additional storage.

As we get more information we will post it, and hopefully we can get our hands on a unit for review shortly.

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