TechMicrosoftPre-order Windows 7 in the UK for huge discounts

Pre-order Windows 7 in the UK for huge discounts


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From now until the allocation runs out (or August 9th), here in the UK you can order Windows 7 with huge 50% discount, and in some cases even more than 50%!

Windows 7 will be released to the public on October 22 2009 so this is a great opportunity for you to order it now and save a lot of money.

Win 7 HP E Win 7 Pro E

To order the Windows 7, just click on the relevant link below (or on the relevant box above).

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Home Premium

Remember, this offer is only available until the pre-allocation has gone (of August 9th) so be quick as this is a really good deal!

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. I missed out on this deal in Canada, it expired last Saturday. 🙁

    For WHS users I recommand the professional version, because it has remote desktop function!


  2. Unfortunately this version for the UK is crippled as you can only do a clean install AND Internet Explorer has been removed due to the meddling of the EEC.

    • Carl – I think crippled is a little strong. There wont be anything stopping us here in the UK from installing IE if we so with, in fact I understand Microsoft are releasing some sort of "pack" to assist with it. As for upgrades, personally I would prefer to do a clean install and use the built in Easy Transfer Wizard in Vista to port all my docs and settings to the clean install. Anytime you do an upgrade there is a risk that something may not work as expected later on, so it may be more time consuming to do a clean install but in the long run it is much better.

  3. Last night I "did" the third of my machines, my media center, to Windows 7 RC. Like the other two the upgrade went totally flawlessly masssive kudos to Microsoft and everything worked. Loved the new features in media center but tonight I'll be doing a restore from my WHS back to Vista as Creative and Hauppague are not up to speed yet with their Win 7 drivers which is fair enough as the release is not until October. (The dual tuner only works as one tuner and no Dolby pass through on the creative). But the transfer to Win7 was so simple and elegant – bung in disc, bit of a wait, job done. Compare this to the EEC version. Transfer everything using easy transfer wizard, do clean install, dig out copy of IE (as you can't download it remember) finish install I assume for updates as they can't happen until IE is installed and then transfer everything back – I don't think crippled is too strong a word. Don't get me wrong this is not Microsofts fault it's the EEC's but knowing that doesn't help with the frustration.

    • Carl – like I mentioned, my understanding is that Microsoft are going to have some sort of "media pack" that will have IE on it. I agree it's not there fault, and frankly I find the whole situatuon ludicrous. Still, we wouldnt want to upset those 5 Opera users now would we!

  4. True – btw my creative "problem" was pilot error there's a cool new feature in WMC called "equalize TV volume" use it and you disable dolby pass through (it does say I just missed it !!) gonna see if I can live with only one tuner over the weekend until hauppague get their act together as Win 7 Media Center has so many cool features I love Idon't want to go back to vista.

  5. Windows without internet explorer isn't windows! Why is it that every bit of software offered on the OS is put to scrutiny? Or why not just make microsoft put everyones software who wants it on the OS (that's a joke). Maybe, the company who bothers to come out with software we all need should get to decide what goes w/it. It's not microsoffts fault everyone happens to use windows..

    • It is rediculous if you ask me! I don't see anyone having a go at the likes of Apple because they only bundle Safari with their Macs and iPhones. At least Microsoft are trying to address this and the current thinking is that they will include an option to install a browser from a list of various ones during the installation process – but that still means no upgrades for us Europeans!

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