TechSecurityBuilding an Astaro Personal Firewall with Spare or Low...

Building an Astaro Personal Firewall with Spare or Low End Parts


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My friend, and fellow MVP, Pete Stagman has just published the first in a series of articles on how you can build your own Astaro Personal Firewall with either spare or low end parts, and no other cost.

Running a firewall is very important, in fact critical, just see my post here, although you wouldn’t run this on your laptop and take it with you (the requirement for three network cards might be a problem on your laptop).

Part one includes hardware requirements, registering, downloading and installing the software, and some basic configuration.

Additional parts will include advanced configurations and much more.

To read the part one, click here.

I will be trying this myself, so I will report back on how I get on.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


  1. You wouldn't want to run this on a laptop? I guess you missed this part. 🙂

    "Make sure that you understand that this is a complete operating system. It will format your hard drives and any data you had on there will be destroyed. You cannot multi-boot the software. If you want you can install the software on a VM."


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