Bolt Mobility, dubbed the ‘Tesla on two wheels’, has fundraised raised over €3 million on equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. The European startup is on a mission to take petrol-guzzling, environmentally harmful scooters off the road, permanently.

The first product is AppScooter. The all-electric scooter that accelerates from 0 to 45 km/h in 3.3 sec, has 65-litre storage space and goes up to 400km.
With a 7″ touchscreen and handlebar controls, AppScooter safely runs Android apps in its cockpit.

The proceeds from the fundraising will be primarily used to get Bolt’s internet-enabled electric scooter, called “AppScooter”, ready to market in 2018. While the majority of the campaign’s investors were UK based, investors from the Netherlands invested more per person on average.

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Marijn Flipse and Bart Jacobsz Rosier, the Dutch startup is gearing up to be the scooter of choice for Europeans next year amidst uncertainty regarding petrol scooter laws. Bolt’s recent fundraising round will accelerate production so the automotive startup can take its electric scooters to market in 2018.

Bart Jacobsz Rosier, CEO and co-founder at Bolt, says: “It’s exciting to see so much support from the UK market. The proceeds from our latest fundraising will enable us to push the AppScooter into production next year. We aim to have delivered more than a quarter million scooters to customers by 2020. We are truly excited to be at the forefront of a lucrative market worth over £30 billion a year.”


Edwin Berkhout, a Dutch venture capitalist and investor in Bolt says: “Bolt Mobility’s approach is revolutionary, as our scooters will be powered by clean, renewable electric and therefore potentially game-changing on a global scale. Not only is the AppScooter the next step in helping the world reach its renewable targets, it is also how scooter driving should be.”  

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