X Field Paintball looks to take the real life sensation of competitive paint balling and put it into video game form. It’s an interesting idea, so what about its execution.

X Field Paintball 3 looks to bring something different to eSports, however its execution is severely lacking, to the point I had to wonder how this got the green light in its current stage.

The only game mode that was available to me was 1 vs. 1 where the goal is to eliminate the other team, gain as many points as you can and press the buzzer located at their base. You can give commands to your team mates in order to work out a strategy to best go forward and even switch between offence and defence, depending on the situation.

The arenas themselves look to be pretty authentic, however the PS2 visuals doesn’t help to try and immerse you into it, especially as it’s an actual sport. The controls felt really wonky and the janky character models and movement doesn’t make me feel I’m in an actual paintball tournament.

The settings themselves didn’t have any graphics options, to the point that I couldn’t even choose the window size, something that should be basic in this day and age.

As for actually playing online, well unfortunately, I couldn’t get into a game no matter how long I waited (and believe me I waited). Was that due to server issues or perhaps not many people playing online, who knows? Is this also a reflection of the actual quality of the game as well? Well that would be a resounding yes!

The one thing that really baffles me about this is that the game was initially released for 24.99 and it was in a similar state, why it wasn’t put into early access from the beginning and from there have the fans help give feedback and support it would have done a lot more for it in the long run.

I honestly believe this could have been something special and it looks like to me that it was just pushed out the door too quickly. Both 1 and 2 were released on mobile and have apparently had great success, so If this is taken back into development for a couple more years, then yes we definitely have something on our hands here, but for now it’s even less than a shadow for what is full potential could be.