We take a look at the Whole Home Wi-Fi solution from BT.

This is how BT describe the Whole Home Wi-Fi kit:

Superfast, super-reliable Wi-Fi for every room. Whole Home Wi-Fi is a set of three discs that put what matters most at your fingertips. It talks to all your gadgets to make sure they’re always automatically connected to the fastest and strongest signal. And it’s bristling with brilliant controls that put you in charge of a supercharged home network. This is Wi-Fi at its finest.

Whole Home Wi-Fi is an “intelligent self-configuring wireless network”. That means it knows where you and your devices are, and when to switch them from one disc to another to give you the strongest and fastest connection it can. The three discs might be small, but their four built-in 2.4GHz and 5GHz antennas pack a mighty AC2500 wireless punch.


What’s in the Box?

The box contains the three discs, power supplies and Ethernet cables, along with some instructions.

Setting up the devices

The first thing you need to do is download the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi app onto your iPhone or Android. Once that’s downloaded, just run it and follow the steps.

Connect the first disc to your hub or router using the Ethernet cable and turn on the disc.

Once that’s done you will need to connect your phone to the new Wi-Fi network using the details found on the back of any of the discs. You will then be asked to name your disc – for example, Lounge, because that’s where I put it.

That’s it, you should now be connected. You then need to select the next location for the next disc.

Place the disc where you want it to go and power it up.

Hopefully it will work and you will see the Good Location response, but if you see the No Connection response just try moving the disc closer to the first one and try again.

You will then see both discs working correctly. You can then select a disc to see information about it, including the option to relocate it if you so desire.

Or you can rename it! You can see information such as the signal strength.

You can also see what devices are connected to it – in this example, my iPhone was connected.

Now you just need to set up the third and final disc and that’s all there is to it other than changing your devices to connect to the new Wi-Fi network.

Final Thoughts

The first thing you notice is just how big the box is! This might be a little daunting for some, but don’t worry, it’s big because it contains 3 of the discs! Also, just because it’s called the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, you don’t need to have a BT router for it to work, it will work on any router from any broadband provider.

Setting up the first disc is very simple – although I think some people might prefer to do the set up using a computer rather than downloading an app on a phone, even if the app is probably easier to use when walking around the house.

Once I had the first disc installed and running, it was simply a case of going to where I wanted to put the next disc and checking if it was the right position. This is where the app was very useful – a couple of times I went a little too far out of range and the app told me to move back, which I did, and then that was it.

A few minutes later and I had the third and final disc positioned, so all I needed to do then was to connect all my devices to it, which was just a few more minutes.

I now had a strong wi-fi signal all around my house – something I could only previously achieve with a variety of devices working together – now it was just the Whole Home Wi-Fi doing the work.

Speed wise I noticed an immediate increase too – no longer was a taking a significant speed hit the further I went away from the router. I wasn’t getting the same speeds as I would have in the room with my router, but I was getting speeds that I was more than happy with!

The network provides both a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz signal, although unlike other solutions you can’t select which one to connect to, although I found during my testing that my connection was always fast, so I assume my devices connected to the most appropriate one.

Overall, if you want to easily expand your home Wi-Fi network around your home, and you want simplicity, then look no further than the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi kit.

The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi kit is available now priced £199.99 – at launch just a few months ago it was £299.99, so grab it while you can, you won’t be disappointed.

You can learn more from the BT website.