It’s time to do a two minute review of the Nintendo Switch Starter:Kit from Snakebyte.




Who are Snakebyte?

Established in Germany 1997, the snakebyte group is a leading global provider of consumer electronics. The Company has offices in Germany, Shenzhen, the US and Hong Kong and develops and distributes a wide selection of products specializing in connected media devices, gaming, simulation, drones & RC products. In addition, the Company provides its services in the OEM/ODM sector, working with partners to realise their goals and stay ahead of the competition. The snakebyte group have high levels of expertise in hardware engineering and software development, experts at creating an ecosystem in which technology and media can co-exist and provide state-of-the-art experiences for the consumer.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the bag, game case for game cartridges, controller caps, stereo in-ear headphones, screen protector, cleaning cloth and soft card.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

If you have just purchased your lovely new Nintendo Switch then you will probably want to protect it. The Starter:Kit provides everything you will need to do just that. It contains a screen protector, which is very easy to fit, thumbstick caps if you so wish to use them (I find its a personal preference if you use these or not, personally I don’t bother, but I know other people who do) and also a carry case which protects the Switch and the controllers.

There is also a hard plastic carry case which will protect your Switch and carry all your other items too!

The Starter:Kit doesn’t stop there though. There is also a set of in-ear headphones, which whilst not giving you the best quality sound, certainly do the job.

The final item in the box is a cartridge case that can fit a couple of game cartridges to keep them safe too!

All in all if you want to protect your Nintendo Switch, plus you want a few other items, then take a look at the Starter:Kit. If you are not bothered about the headphones, thumbstick caps or the cartridge case, then take a look at the Snakebyte Carry:Bag instead although the Carry:Bag is not as robust as the case in this kit. For the price, you certainly can’t argue about what you get in the kit!

Available now, the Nintendo Switch Starter: Kit from Snakebyte is priced around £17.99.

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