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How far has Bungie “Destiny” changed in 3 years?

On 9th September 2014, Destiny was born, from the brainchild of the development team Bungie (the creator of Halo), the title was the first step in a new gaming universe that captured the world’s imagination. Now two years on, Destiny has grown into a far bigger title than anybody outside the studio predicted.

From expansion packs increasing the size of its world, more loot than anyone can imagine plus new game modes and tonnes of single player friendly missions, it’s created a tightknit community where Bungie have listened and made scores of updates and tweaks to help the game evolve and become the shooter of the generation.

As year three approaches, there’s never been a better time to either return to Destiny’s universe or jump in for the very first time. The next big expansion pack, Rise of Iron arrives on 20th September and is set to totally redefine the game. For newcomers, Destiny: The Collection combines every piece of live Destiny content so far and ahead of the release, we’ve compiled an overview to help every Guardian get up to speed.

The Beginning

Destiny (September 2014)

The Major Expansions

The Dark Below (December 2014)

House of Wolves (May 2015)

The Taken King (September 2015)

Rise of Iron (September 2016)

The Modes

Both renowned and celebrated for its diverse offering, there is no shortage of game modes to spend hours enjoying, including;

Raids (6 players)

Crucible (1-6 players)

Social Space (1 player)

Top Moments

A Guardian Rises

Your First Raid

Guardian Football

Dance Parties

Sparrow Races