How often have you found it hard to express yourself just with words? Wouldn’t it be great if you could search for song lyrics that reflect your mood, edit that exact clip you want and share it? This is precisely what one of the innovative features of new music-app Musations allows you to do. It takes two of the most popular smartphone activities, social chat and music, and combines them with a host of other fun and creative functions, all in one app.


Musations gives users a novel way  to share how they feel through the power of music, whether that be through a personalised ‘Lip-Sync’ or a ‘Sound Clip’ of their favourite song.


With this in mind, Musations today launches the ‘Musations Feelings Lab’, a site dedicated to self-expression and creativity, particularly for teenagers. Peter Graham, Director of Marketing and Communications at Musations, said: “Above everything else, music is about feelings. We wanted to build one social app, where expression was driven by music, allowing people to have fun with how they express their mood. We are so excited by this we are launching the Musations Feelings lab today with ‘The Teenagifier’ experiment, investigating whether adults can handle the pressure of adolescence and how that affects their expression.”

To view the experiment go to:

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