Netflix making it easier to enjoy more TV shows and movies. If you use Netflix on PS3, or the website or a number of other devices, you may already be familiar with the “Post-Play” feature. Today Netflix has added this feature to the Netflix Android app making it even easier to watch more on additional devices.


“Post-Play” works for both TV shows (phones and tablets) and movies (tablets only). At the end of an episode, we will automatically queue up the next one and start playback unless you choose to pause or stop. For movies, Netflix will offer three recommendations to try next. You can dismiss “Post-Play” by simply tapping on the video.
“Post-Play” is now available to all Android phones, tablets and the Amazon Kindle Fire running Android 4.0 and greater. Download today from Google Play.

 Coming soon in a few months…Netlfix are working on “Post-Play” for Chromecast.