The first DLC for Titanfall has been announced today at PAX East. The DLC called “Expedition” will add three maps will be coming in this May and it will continue the story told in the game’s campaign.

One of the new gameplay elements to be introduced in the first map is wall-running on trees. Now Players will now be able to adjust their path while wall-running, choosing to jump from tree to tree, go higher or not. There will also be “zip-vines” for players to take advantage of it you like them.

titanfall DLC Expedition

War Games is another map in the upcoming map pack, While map packs will be paid DLC, Respawn Entertainment promises that game modes will be free. Another new mode coming to Titanfall is 2v2 Last Titan Standing. In addition, new Burn Cards will be coming, with the next update to focus on Titan-specific abilities.

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