Irrational Games have released BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 featuring an all-new story for Booker and Elizabeth, set in the underwater city of Rapture before its fall, but it is worth playing?


Episode 2 starts off from the point we left Elizabeth at the end of episode 1, only this time we are playing as Elizabeth and we have to rescue Sally (I’m not going to spoil the ending of episode 1 for anyone who hasn’t yet played it, but for those who have, well then you know what happened!).


It’s really good to be able to play as Elizabeth for once, although this is not the same Elizabeth from either BioShock Infinite, or episode 1 of Burial at Sea. Again, I won’t spoil it, but this Elizabeth doesn’t have the ability to open tears, see all the doorways, and anything else that gave her those unique abilities. In fact, she even has her pinky back! But she is still Elizabeth, and as a character she is very strong and determined to do what has to be done. Don’t worry Booker fans, he is still in the game, although he is reduced to a voice on the radio that Elizabeth talks to throughout the game.

This game is really all about stealth – you have to sneak around (Elizabeth is wearing heels and you can hear them making noise as you walk – crouching reduces the noise, as does walking on carpet) and as you have very limited ammunition for the various weapons you have to take out a lot of the bad guys with melee attacks from behind.  You do however have some new weapons in the form of a crossbow that shoots darts, and you also get gas darts later in the game that can render a group unconscious.


Remember Elizabeth’s lock picking skills – well they are still there, and still needed, only this time you have to pick the locks through a series of mini games. Get the right tumbler and the lock opens, get the wrong one and an alarm is sounded bringing you nothing but trouble.

The vigors are back, and this time Elizabeth can use them – there are a few new ones in there too!

Length wise, episode 2 was quite a bit longer than episode 1 – my only complaint about episode 1 was that you could finish it in a little over an hour. Episode 2 took me around 3 hours to finish, and there were still a few things I hadn’t done, and a few items to collect.

Fans of the original BioShock games will really enjoy episode 2 (again, spoilers!) and you might want to consider watching the “previously on BioShock” intro at the start of the episode, as it’s all about the original BioShock game rather than episode 1 of Burial at Sea.

I really enjoyed Episode 2, even more than I enjoyed Episode 1. There are parts in the game that explain certain actions from BioShock Infinite which only goes to enhance the original as well. Good job Irrational, the debt has been paid in full.

The two episodes are available individually for £9.99 (1200 Microsoft Points), and are also included as part of the BioShock Infinite Season Pass.

The BioShock Infinite Season Pass is available now for £15.99 (1600 Microsoft Points) and includes all three pieces of add-on content, as well as the Early Bird Special Pack, which includes powerful weapon upgrades, exclusive gold weapon skins and infusion bottles to upgrade abilities.

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 2 is available now on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.