AC Pirates

Ubisoft has announced that Assassin’s Creed Pirates, will receive its first update which brings new missions, achievements, and exploration to players.

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An update to satisfy any pirate’s plundering and pillaging needs, players will have access to a new map with beautiful scenic explorations as they embark on a new campaign mission as well as 10 new side quests to find treasure, unlock ships, and prove their worthiness on the high seas.

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The difficulty has also been raised to challenge even the most experienced pirate. The new map, Nassau, will be the most challenging play area yet, but defense has become more difficult across all missions. New defense and dodge mechanics have been introduced, allowing players to destroy cannonballs mid-fire and offering more counterattack capabilities. With the raised level of difficulty during battle even the most experienced buccaneers will have to keep an eye on their health bar.


Additionally, players will no longer feel like lone souls on the open sea, as the new social feature allows them to view and measure up against friends and foes on their journey to find La Buse’ missing treasure.

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