At CES 2014 Vizio has announced that its 50-inch P Series 4K TV will cost just $999 (£610). For the money you’ll get a 50-inch screen with a 3840 x 2160 resolution, With a Full-Array LED backlighting, 64 Active LED Zones for improved 50 million to 1 contrast, UltraHD upscaling, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

With the Vizio P Series you can even adjust the frame rate to suit what you’re watching, this includes 24 fps and 48 fps allowing you to watch films as they were shot. Also with 120 fps, or High Velocity Mode, for ultimate gaming sessions.

P Series Vizio 4K

With the P Series it comes with the Vizio’s Internet Apps and will be powered by a V6 quad-core GPU and dual-core CPU with this combining to make this four times faster than last year’s model. It is already for Netflix, who is airing 4K this year, as the Vizio remote comes with a dedicated Netflix button.

With the 4K tv having a  8mm bezel and dark metallic finish. The Vizio P Series will be on sale soon with the 50-inch model at $999 (£610), there with be a 55 inch and 60, 65 and even a 70-inch version at $2600 (£1600).

The only problem is there are no Vizio’s in the UK only for the USA, come on Vizio the UK are waiting for you.