No EA6500. On this NAS, I’ll have to set the remote access up the hard way. Here are the ports that need to be manually forwarded on the router or set manually in ADM:


Each of these entries will need to be made on the router or set manually in ADM. I am logged into my EA6500 and will set one up to demonstrate. Go to Security and then Gaming, and choose Add a New Single Port Forwarding. Here is the ADM Web Service entry:


Repeat this for every service that you want to enable. In addition, make sure that you manually specify the DNS server on your network if the AS-2TE can’t find it. Click on Settings then Network and tell it where the DNS server is like this:


Now here is what I get when I go to enable Cloud Connect:


Check the Enable Cloud Connect box, check Apply and see what happens! (I obscured my address hereā€¦)


Click OK to continue.



Revised Pic2

Voila! I now have remote access working! Whoo-hoo! Make sure that you make the above entries (or set them up with ports of your choosing on ADM) before trying to use remote access or App Central.