OK now let’s set a static IP address. This is in my opinion a best practice if you plan on turning on remote access as it makes it easier to troubleshoot. Back on Settings and choose Network.


Click on LAN1. Remember, this unit only has one LAN port.


I selected Set up IP address manually and then completed the IPv4 address, subnet mask and gateway. Click Apply, then you’ll have to reconnect to the NAS unit on the new IP address. This is easy to do, but is not required if your router is compatible with this unit.

Remote Access

Now for remote access. Log into the NAS on the new IP address. Choose Settings. Now I had to look this one up, but remote access is under Ease of Access. Click there.


You will have to sign into your ASUSTOR account.


This is odd…this NAS won’t work with my router. Checking the router compatibility list shows the following for Cisco routers like my EA6500: