You can now truly take their movies and TV shows with them wherever they go. Stream from the cloud or download their favourite movie or TV episodes to their phone to watch them offline. They can rent or buy the newest hit movies or search for classics from the massive catalogue with the first video-on-demand app for Windows Phone 8. They’ll even get Rotten Tomatoes ratings and Metacritic scores right to their phone.

xbox movie store windows phone 8

Xbox Video on Windows Phone 8 also delivers countless TV shows. With a Season Pass, brand new episodes are automatically added to your collections so you don’t miss a scene from your favourite new shows. Or catch up with every episode from past seasons and relive the glory days of your favourite shows from years past.

With Xbox Video, your collection follows you from screen to screen in the cloud. For example, you can buy and start a movie or TV show from or Xbox Video on a Windows 8.1 tablet, and continue watching on your Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 8. And with Xbox SmartGlass, you get a richer viewing experience that isn’t found anywhere else. Xbox SmartGlass integrated with Xbox Video for Xbox One and Xbox 360 offers second-screen experiences with bonus content and exclusive extras, serves as a remote control, and gives you new ways to interact with whatever you’re watching.

Xbox Video is a free download in the Windows Phone Store now, and don’t forget to check out the new Web store at

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