Synology launched 2U 12 bay rack systems and expansion modules in a bid to improve their business-oriented line of NAS units.  Read on for details.


Synology launched 2U 12 bay rack systems and expansion modules in a bid to improve their business-oriented line of NAS units.  These units are capable of managing up to 96TB of data with an expansion chasis.  Here is the press release:

Synology® Launches RackStation RS2414+/RS2414RP+ and RX1214/RX1214RP
High-performance & Scalable NAS Server

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom – 8th October 2013, Synology® today launched RackStation RS2414+ and RS2414RP+, the 2U 12-bay rackmount NAS severs that deliver high performance and scalability to small and medium businesses.

RS2414+ and RS2414RP+ are built to address SMB’s growing needs of performance, capacity and reliability”, said Chad Chiang, a Product Manager of Synology Inc. “An array of advanced hardware designs and reliability features are thus applied to ensure those needs are perfectly answered,” added Chiang.

The RS2414+/RS2414RP+ is designed to answer the growing demand of performance for a storage system. Running on a 2.13 GHz dual-core processor, the RS2414+/RS2414RP+ delivers high performance with read and write speeds at 339 MB/sec and 209 MB/sec respectively under RAID 5 configuration in a Windows® environment with Link Aggregation enabled. In addition, the RS2414+/RS2414RP+ further boosts multitasking power with 2GB DDR3 RAM, twice the size of its predecessor. Memory of the NAS is also expandable to 4 GB to enhance efficiency.

Affordable scalability is what matters to small and medium business. Paired with expansion units RX1214/RX1214RP with a specially-designed connection cable that ensures maximum throughput, the RS2414+/RS2414RP+ can easily be expanded up to 96TB capacity.

With a comprehensive set of highly reliable mechanisms, the RS2414+/RS2414RP+ assures users of uninterrupted availability, which is crucial for all businesses. Both units are equipped with passive CPU cooling technology, system fan redundancy, hot-swappable drives, and 4 LAN ports with failover support, which altogether eliminate single point of failure and ensure continuous system uptime. RS2414RP+ and RX1214RP even come with redundant power supplies to further guarantee system reliability.

The RS2414+/RS2414RP+ runs on DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.3, an intuitive web-based operating system that provides a host of applications to bring better productivity at work. DSM 4.2, the last version, is the only NAS operation system being honored “Best Choice Award” and “Media’s Choice Award” at Computex 2013.

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Synology RackStation RS2414+/RS2414RP+ and RX1214/RS1214RP are now shipping globally.

Pricing is as follows:


RS2414+ = £1290, including vat

RS2414RP+ = £1722, including vat

RX1214 = £996, including vat

RX1214RP = £1488, including vat

Scandinavian RRPs

RS2414+ = €1260, before tax

RS2414RP+ = €1685, before tax

RX1214 = €970, before tax

RX1214RP = €1450, before tax

UK buyers can purchase this at one of Synology’s partners, which are all listed here.