CodeLathe have launched a new Windows 8 mobile app that lets individuals watch videos, listen to music, see photos and open documents that are stored on their computer (PC, Mac or Linux). This personal cloud service allows Windows 8 device user to enjoy and share their personal media without worrying about storage limits, privacy and data security.

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Tonido offers users secure access to their home computer’s entire collection of documents, photos, music and videos from anywhere without having to upload them to a public cloud service. Individuals simply download the free Tonido server app to their desktop and the free Windows 8 app to their mobile devices.

The app safely connects users to the files stored on their desktop within seconds. Users can access their files via Wi-Fi or 3G mobile networks, backup their photos and videos from their Windows 8 devices to their Tonido personal cloud and download files for offline viewing.

Tonido’s Windows 8 App will offer the same unique features that are enjoyed by over one million users on iOS and Android devices:

· Remote File Access – Browse files and documents, download them locally, edit them and re-upload.

· Download for Offline Use – Save files locally so they are available without internet access.

· Music Streaming – Stream an entire music collection without saving it to a device.

· Video Streaming – Easily stream videos and iTunes playlist from a computer to Windows 8 devices.

· Sharing – Share selected files, music and media to guest users either via direct links or email.

· Media Organization – All music, photos, videos are indexed by name, date and information such as artist, album and genre.

· Complete Compatibility – Tonido persona cloud software is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

· Plug-and-Play Remote Access – No fiddling with router settings.

· Simple Access from Any Device – Easy to remember web URL provides access to a personal computer.

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The Tonido server app is available for free at

The Tonido Windows 8 app is available from the Windows Store at