EA have released Update 7.0 for SimCity – have you updated yet?

  • A new tool to create bridges, overpasses, and tunnels when you draw roads.
    • Press the N key/M key while drawing roads to lower/raise the road (creating overpasses, bridges and tunnels).
    • Note: Existing road layouts cannot be raised or lowered
  • New tree tools let you place individual trees along city roads. This tool is located at the end of the Nature Parks menu.
  • Traffic behavior improved to reduce traffic jams caused by all vehicles converging in one spot. This affects all vehicles.
  • Vehicles now accelerate and decelerate faster, improving traffic flow.
  • Sports parks are now accepting Sims 24 hours a day.
  • Airship passenger trips should now be correctly calculated over multiple days.
  • Freight trucks now only leave factories if they have a valid delivery destination.
  • When warranted, freight trucks now correctly go back to the factory instead of leaving the city
  • Improved instances where terrain covers sections of roads while the camera is zoomed out.

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