Today, Ubisoft has revealed details about DEFY the Creed, an Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag themed Speed Drawing scheduled to take place live from Gamescom on the 23rd and 24th of August.

AC4 - Quick Draw at Gamescom

A dedicated speed-drawer will participate in a series of drawing sessions on the Ubisoft booth at Gamescom, which will be filmed and broadcasted live. Assassin’s Creed artworks will be created during these speed drawing sessions over two days, and Gamescom attendees will be able to witness the artist in action on a dedicated stage.

This animation is not restricted to Gamescom visitors: the whole Assassin’s Creed community is invited to DEFY the Creed by joining the discussion on the dedicated web platform and provide input on the artwork content while it is being drawn by the artist.

Lead by Assassin’s Creed community developers, each interactive session will allow fans to answer open questions by suggesting additions to the artwork, and vote for the best ideas. The winning suggestions will then be transmitted to the artist and integrated live within the artwork in the making.

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