Today Gamestop in the USA has announced the Skylanders Dark Edition Stater Pack priced at $99.99, the new starter pack has five starter figures not the normal three in the standard starter pack.

The new Dark Edition Starter Pack will feature the return of Dark Spyro, plus four new Dark characters: Dark Washbuckler, Dark Blast Zone, Dark Stealth Elf, and Dark Lockjaw. If you are a fan of Skylanders you would know that Dark Spyro was only available in the 3DS starter pack of the original Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, so this is good news for anybody who missed him last time.
Swap Force Dark Starter pack

The Dark Edition Starter Pack includes:

  •         1- Video Game
  •         1- Portal of Power
  •         5- Exclusive Dark Edition Skylanders Figures
  •         1- Mega Character Poster
  •         5- Sticker Sheets with secret codes
  •         5- Trading Cards

Dark Edition Starter Pack will begin today for the Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 systems.

Swap Force Dark Starter pack 1

While on a special mission, a team of Skylanders discovered a secret lair where Kaos was experimenting with a new discovery. Petrified Darkness, which he intended to use to take over all of Skylands! In the fight to stop Kaos, the lair exploded, releasing a cloud of pure Darkness. The Skylanders knew they could not let it escape, so they absorbed the dark energy, transforming them into dark versions of  themselves. Fortunately, Spyro had learned to tame the darkness within him long ago. So with his help, these Skylanders now have also learned to control it – combining its power with their own to fight Kaos and the forces of evil.

Will you been ordering the Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition Starter Pack?.