BBG Entertainment, a leading producer and publisher of digital entertainment products, announced today the worldwide release of Einstein Enigma for the Apple iPhone/iPad on the Apple iTunes App Store℠ and for Android phones/tablets on Amazon App Store priced at £ 1.49. Google Play availability will be added later.

Einstein Enigma allows players to challenge their brain in a playful, motivating way. The player has to solve more than 100 tricky levels. The basic principle of the game is to rotate six different coloured wheels to match the different colour templates of each level. The degree of difficulty is increasing step by step, more and more elements including coloured wheels, cogwheels and more appear level by level. Einstein Enigma is inspired by the famous Enigma rotor cipher machine, which is also based on rotating wheels. The character of revered physicist Albert Einstein assists players in-game, guiding them through a tutorial. All levels and graphics of the game were individually designed with high levels of creativity, making this truly unique brain puzzle game a blast to play.

Einstein Enigma is completely localized into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean language.

Einstein Enigma Features:

  • More than 100 puzzles and combinations with increasing degree of difficulty
  • Principle of six different coloured rotating wheels which have to be rotated by the player to match different colour templates
  • Lots of elements and tricky combinations like wheels, cogwheels,… increase the complexity and fun
  • Intuitive to use and easy to understand 5 second intro for the first level
  • Difficulty for each puzzle determines star rating
  • Coaching by the likeness of Albert Einstein
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