Santa Monica Studio have released a new update to God of War: Ascension taking it to version 1.09.

In Bout of Honor two warriors will put their lives and reputations on the line to achieve the best of seven rounds in this strictly 1v1 Mode. Bout of Honor is a true contest of skill with no chests, fountains, or world weapons to aid you. This mode also disables relics and allows for a Champion’s Magic to regenerate over time. Beware, my brothers in arms, Magic generates slowly over time so use it sparingly. If you are careless you may end up like the Prophet Castor with your head underneath another Warrior’s boot.


New 1v1 Mode – Bout of Honor!
Kill your enemy or spill the most blood before the sands of time run out in our new free 1v1 Mode. Fight one-on-one matches in 4 new levels designed specifically like a traditional fighting game. There are also 5 new Feats for you to accomplish. Match-up against a friend, or challenge your skills against all opponents online.

  • 4 New Maps
    • Canyons of Kirra
    • Streets of Sparta
    • Chamber of the Flame
    • Landing at Delos
  • 5 New Feats
    • Perfection: Win round without taking damage
    • Invincible: Win 3 rounds without taking damage
    • Dominator: Win 3 rounds without losing a round
    • Tide Turner: Win a round when you are 3 rounds behind
    • Unwavering: Win 3 rounds when you are 3 rounds behind

New 4 Player Map – Whirlpool of Alecto!
Supporting 4 player Match of Champions and Team Favor of the Gods, beware the whirlpool of chaos and monstrous Leviathan lurking within this map.


All / Misc Spears

  • Air triangle move has had its range and timing slightly improved. It should now be more viable from a distance, and also air to ground.
  • The spear delay square attack has had its ranged appropriately increased so it should be a more viable mix up option for a quick/go-to unblockable, especially in 1v1 play.

Blade of Poseidon

  • Fixed a bug where the air version of the triangle special would occasionally play no effect but still hit opponents (occasionally recovery could also be unfairly cancelled.)

Blade of Zeus

  • The start-up time of the L1 triangle in the air is now closer to its ground counterpart

Juggles, Hit Reactions / Misc

  • The frames where players were allowed to cancel and recover from hit-stun during certain extended combos have been adjusted to allow players to escape as intended.
  • This was also the existing functionality, however in certain occasions of lag or low performance, that window was extended which would allow both players to combo when they shouldn’t have, and for players to escape when they should be getting combo’d. This has been adjusted to be consistent across the board.
  • A bug has also been fixed where players would appear to glow white / invulnerable, but they were not technically invulnerable/ in a recovery state yet. The visuals now match the functionality.

Infinite / 1 –hit Combos

  • Several 1-hit combos have been adjusted to prevent “re-juggling” of opponents mid combo string. The hits themselves will stand land, however they will cause a reset-hit rather than a re-juggle. This only affects a handful of weapons, and specific combos.

Poseidon Hammer Stats

  • Adjusted the stats slightly of the Poseidon armor. It was giving slightly too much physical resist

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