Interwave Studios has released a new mini-video demonstrating how light works in Dark Matter, its in-development Metroid-like, intense sci-fi side scrolling game that combines the twitch mechanics of a first person shooter with an adventure platformer. Dark Matter is on Kickstarter trying to fund £50,000 for this project.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a modern, tense reimagining of classic platforming action games, with a deep storyline and tactical combat.

Dark Matter is at its core a modern descendant of Metroid. It is a game driven by the same progressively unlockable level mechanics, but with a supercharged atmosphere where light and darkness play a vital role in enemy AI, and the player’s survival.

Dark Matter is a tough side scrolling action game where sometimes the best action is to know when to not attack, or when to lure an enemy into a mag-lock door, rather than rush into a room guns blazing.


  • Dark Matter is a single player, 2.5D adventure platformer.
  • Experience an all new setting and story.
  • Combat requires aim and consideration as well as reflexes.
  • Dark Matter’s controls were designed to be instantly accessible to hardened FPS players, as well as console gamers.
  • Find up to six weapons, equip one of four ammo types in each, and customize them with your favourite modules.
  • Dark Matter will be available for PC, Mac and Linux at launch.
  • Dark Matter is fully localizable. It will launch in English, Dutch, German and Italian.
  • We will distribute DRM-free downloads as well as Steam keys (if and when they become available) to all backers.