With EE rolling out 4G around the country, we had the chance to take one of their 4G sim cards out for a spin.

CDW - EE Speed Test -1

I used the 4G sim card in an unlocked HTC One smarphone so that I could ensure maximum compatibility.

The sim worked straight away and I was surprised that I actually managed to get 4G in various parts of Surrey. The screenshot at the top of the article shows my download speed test at 26299 kbps even though I only have one signal bar.

I took the sim into London, where I was expecting it to work perfectly. This is the result of the test at Waterloo Station – 35521 kbps, not a bad speed if I do say so myself.

CDW - EE Speed Test -3

I set up the wi-fi tethering on the HTC One and connected my iPhone 5 to and ran another speed test – I still got a very high sped for 32.13 Mpbs.

CDW - EE Speed Test -4

Using my normal 3 sim card all I could get in Waterloo Station at that time was 0.06 Mbps, so I think you will agree that is quite a difference!

CDW - EE Speed Test -5

There were times however when I was a little disappointed with the performance. As I mentioned, I expected Central London to have amazing speeds, but I could be standing on one side of the road with 4G and yet on the other side of the road I would only have 3G. And this happened quite a lot so I think EE have a little ways to go yet in getting consistent performance.

So if you are in an area that gets EE’s 4G coverage and you want high speed then you should seriously consider a sim card from EE, although price wise they are not the cheapest if you are not going to use it much or you are in an area that doesn’t get 4G!

Here are the current prices for a 12 month Sim only deal:

EE prices

Learn more about the various EE options by visiting the EE website.

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