Ubisoft and Blue Byte are proud to announce the 20th anniversary of the famous brand The Settlers. The very first The Settlers game was released in 1993 for Amiga-PC and later ported for MS-DOS. This was the beginning of one of the biggest success stories in computer gaming “Made in Germany”. So far seven main games and multiple adaptions have been released including the very successful browser game The Settlers® Online. Until now more than nine million copies have been sold.

The Settlers 20th Anniversary

To celebrate this anniversary a new event will take place in the game. New adventures, taking their inspirations from Settlers II, will appear: the Retro Click Adventures (playable for all players) and the Semi-retro Military Adventures (playable for players from level 26). A new “balloon” resource will also be made available. This lootable resource will contribute to the community effort: each server will be ranked according to its global number of balloons, so if players work together they will get the best rewards. Additionally, servers will have to reach a certain amount of balloons. When a server completes 100% of its balloon objective, its users are automatically rewarded with the Settlers II original headquarters. Every further objective reached will grant players with nice rewards and additionally the fastest server and the one which gathered the most balloons will receive extra rewards.


Join the fun and start playing The Settlers Online for free now at www.thesettlersonline.com