Do you want to show off to your friends in Saints Row IV co-op mode with a shiny new superhero outfit? Running through virtual Steelport with Super Sprint or smashing cars with your Telekinesis skill is twice as fun with one of these special superhero suits. Clad yourself either as THE IRON ROGUE or put on the legendary chestplate of the warrior woman QUEEN AMAZONIA!


These bonus costumes will be available exclusively if you preorder at GAME UK.

And don’t forget the exclusive gameplay we showed off just before E3/ This first 9 minute video is actually the second level of the game, taking place 5 years after the first level and is when we first meet the XIN and their leader XINYK:

The second 9 minute video takes place a little later in the game and shows off your super powers and some cool weapons:

So what do you think of Saints Row IV? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. I can’t wait to play more!