As most of you know the Ubisoft New Game Watch_Dogs is based around Chicago, now isn’t fiction anymore with We Are Data is the first website to gather publicly available data about Paris, London and Berlin, in one location.  Each of the three towns is recreated on a 3D map, allowing the user to discover the data that organises and controls modern cities today, in real time.  It also displays information about the inhabitants of these cities, via their social media activity.


  • Discover for the first time the data that organizes and controls modern cities: available data to date including networks,  public transport systems and urban infrastructures, but also people.
  • Watch_Dogs WeareData uses open data accessible on the web. This data is real. It has been made public by people or by companies.
  • 3 major European cities were recreated in 3D and are available at launch: Paris, London, Berlin.
  • Available on any web browser, smartphones and tablets at Launch.

WD_WeareData_London (6)


In Watch_Dogs WeareData, you can find out data about the city itself:

  • Transportation (underground, public bicycles…),
  • Networks (mobile antenna, wifi spots, advertising networks…),
  • Energy consumption (electricity),
  • Electrical equipment (cctv cameras, traffic lights, atm…),
  • Statistical information per area (average net income, unemployment rate, crime rate…)


But you can also find information about people and their social activity on Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare…

  • Foursquare mayors of an area,
  • Public geolocalised Tweets live,
  • Public geolocalised Instagram pictures live,
  • Public geolocalised Flickr pictures live,
  • And thanks to Facebook Connect, you can also access our live activities feeds, and see in real time what other users are doing on  Watch_Dogs WeareData.

WD_WeareData_London (7)


It is the first time that a website has been able to gather this much data in one place and offer a real technologic challenge:

  • Realtime 3d (away3d) to extrude buildings from their geographic positions
  • Html5/css3d to enable a light but breathtaking landing page
  • Socketio and nodejs: to allow for the realtime display of user’s navigation data.
  • Zendframework & sphinx for data indexes enabling high speed queries & responses while moving over the map
  • Openstreetmap to show the geographical data of buildings, roads and rivers, underground stations.